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A beautiful and user-friendly GUI weather application

Find the repository here


  1. PyQt 5
  2. Requests
  3. JSON for Python
  4. OpenWeatherMap Free API Key
  5. Qt Designer
  6. Any code editor
  7. Active internet connection


This is a simple, beautiful and user-friendly GUI weather application which takes OpenWeatherMap API key and the city that you are interested in to find advanced weather information of that place.


At this point of time, this is the set of features that work with a pretty good waiting period.

  1. Location information - Original name of the city with country name along with precise coordinates.
  2. Wind data - Wind speed (in kilometers per hour) and direction (in degrees)
  3. Pressure data - Average pressure, pressure at sea level and ground level (in pascals)
  4. Temperature data - Average temperature with minimum and maximum (in celcius and kelvin)
  5. Climate information - Main and description of current climate with humidity level
  6. Solar data - Timezone data (in UTC offset) with sunrise and sunset local timings.


  1. Unprecedented blocking - Requests more than the given limit in free tiered OpenWeatherMap accounts result in a generalised error without an indication of blocking.

  2. Unresolved exception - Some search requests result in unresolved exception which are handled generally but a workaround is yet to be provided to the user.

  3. Messed up fontfaces - At some places, paddings and margins need to be provided judiciously in order to make sure that suspended and headed regions are visible.


Testing Default

Default Screen

Testing Pune, IN

Breakpoint Screen