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Welcome to Atlas


This is a catalog of all the applications, services and articles that I develop, maintain and write. Feel free to browse through them and if you like one, please download and try them out. Contribute to the development of these projects if you find them worth your while.


  • Documented

    Detailed information is provided on the codebase to help you get started with contribution or forking quickly and easily. Diagrams and schematics are provided wherever necessary for better understanding of how everything works.

  • Supported

    For a period of six months, service maintenance is provided for a project when all the bugs are fixed and new features are provided. Beyond this duration, a new rendition of the project would be worked on with much better features.

  • Available

    Applications and services are available and deployable everywhere irrespective of which region or timezone you belong to. As the projects are lightweight, you can pretty much install and serve them from your own personal devices.

  • Satisfaction

    The projects are made in such a way that even you would agree that they look good and feel effective much to your satisfaction. Furthermore, quality-of-life updates and regular bug fixes ensure that you keep feeling that way.

  • Download

    All the projects available on this catalog are available for download totally free-of-cost without any kind of hidden charges, advertisements or concealed tracking. It should be totally free if it is really meant to be.

  • Contribution

    As much as I idolize the open-source community for making me who I am, I always feel like giving back to them just like they did - unconditionally. Every project available here is free, open source and appreciates your contribution.